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Reliability is our strength

We achieve speed, punctuality and delivery reliability through constantly optimised processes within our order processing.

Mobile data acquisition

With the most modern information technology we guarantee a perfect and continuous product and data logistics. We work with mobile data acquisition (MDE) and use it as a complete solution for mobile warehouse management. It combines the most modern and proven barcode technology with the standard logistics processes within our inventory management system. By using mobile devices, process-relevant data can be recorded and processed location-bound. This means shorter distances and more time for quality.

Storage capacity

The warehouse, newly built in 2013, offers space for a total of 1,800 pallet spaces and 4,600 spaces in the small parts warehouse. Most of the 5,000 articles with a total of approx. 23,000 different variants and dimensions from the standard program are available for immediate or short-term delivery. With our packaging machines, the products can be packed and labelled automatically and according to customer specifications.

Our branch in Poland (Lubliniec) is the logistics centre for customers from Eastern Europe, from where they can be perfectly supported and supplied.


Daniel Schneider

"A professional and customer-specific delivery distinguishes us as service employees."

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Mobile data acquisition

shorter distances - no transmission errors - up-to-date database - increased process efficiency


Small parts warehouse

Our small parts warehouse has 4,600 places.


Optimized processes

Speed - punctuality - flexibility - delivery reliability


Pallet warehouse

Our pallet warehouse offers 1,800 places.


Packaging machines

Automated and customized packaging