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Our mission statement

Bäcker - We Fit Together


Success is our motor and the target we strive for together. For in the final analysis success is the best motivator for our employees, suppliers, customers and partners and safeguards our future as an independent enterprise.


Trust is the foundation for every business relationship. Our customers must be able to trust us as must also our suppliers.


We work hard: on the reliability of our products, on the stability of our processes, on the fitness-for-the-future of our company and on ourselves.


We take on responsibility: for our decisions, for our actions, for our products and services and do this vis à vis our customers and partners, our environment and the society in which we live. Taking on responsibility means for each one of us carefully estimating the consequences of our own actions, going gently on our resources as far as possible and complying with laws and guide-lines. Because compliance for us is not just a catchword but a guiding principle of our daily actions.


Our code of behaviour

Social interaction with employees

We strive to offer everyone the same vocational opportunities and at the same time await from all employees that they respect the personal dignity, private sphere and personal rights of each individual. Discrimination and harassment in the field of work, whether on the grounds of race or ethnic origin, of gender, religion or ideology, of a handicap, of age or sexual orientation, will not be tolerated. Violence of every form and here in particular actions of assault at the place of work including threats and intimidation are explicitly forbidden.

Interaction with business partners

Our business partners (customers, sales partners, suppliers) stand centre stage in our activities. The relationships with our business partners should be characterized with mutual reliability and sustainability. Our business partners expect from us honesty in our actions, politeness, an appropriate manner, respect and fairness. To be included here too are decisions that are reached and communicated in a transparent and comprehensible manner.

Fair competitive behaviour

We are bound by the principles of the market economy and fair competition. Our business is operated exclusively in accordance with the principle of performance and on the foundations of free, unhindered competition. Our suppliers, delegated persons and other intermediaries are selected only following careful and objective evaluation of their capabilities. We stick to the legal obligation to reach business decisions in the best interests of our company and independently of agreements or arrangements with competitors. The excellent quality of our products is the key to our success.

No corruption or bribery

We do not tolerate bribery or corruption in any form whatsoever and watch over the maintenance of this principle by our employees. To be avoided in addition are situations which in themselves do not represent bribery or corruption but which might create the impression that extraneous considerations have influenced our decisions or those of customers, suppliers, public officials or other third parties.

Health and work safety

We endeavour to ensure a healthy and safe work-place environment for our employees. Accordingly we observe the valid and applicable regulations on health and work safety.

Protection of the environment

Interacting with the environment in a responsible manner forms part of the way we see ourselves. Each employee should protect the natural resources and - in his or her work - endeavour to reduce pollution of the environment to a minimum by saving materials and carrying out planning in an energy-saving manner as well as by avoiding, reducing and recycling wastes. In addition to economic factors, account is also to be taken of ecological aspects when selecting suppliers and service providers.

Business secrets and data protection

Our inventions, findings and know-how are of especial importance for the long-term success of our enterprise. For this reason our employees have to protect our intellectual property from coming to the awareness of third parties in an unauthorized manner and from being accessed by third parties. Our intellectual property is made up of business secrets, confidential information, copyright rights, trade-marks and logos as well as lists of customers, opportunities for business and product specifications. Accordingly all employees are requested to maintain the necessary security standards on data protection not only in personal transactions but also in electronic communication with third parties.

Law-abiding conduct

We are committed to conduct in accordance with the law. All employees have to respect and comply with the valid laws and official regulations. The same holds good for internal instructions and directives. In addition to maintenance of the particular applicable laws and regulations, the important valid social standards have to be observed when working abroad and carrying out foreign business.